Month: May 2014

Playing professionally abroad- a dream job with hidden challenges

Athletes Abroad

Getting paid to travel the world and pursue your professional athlete career seems a no-brainer. A dream come true for many athletes. But how does the reality of the life of an athlete abroad look like? Is it as adventurous, exciting and exhilarating as expected? Or does the bubble burst pretty quickly after stepping off the plane in your new “home away from home”? We interviewed and surveyed over a hundred professional athletes from all kinds of sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, American football, etc.) these and a few more questions to explore their motivation, challenges and perceived integration abroad.

Good news first: Almost all of them (99%) recommend the life as an athlete abroad to others that are contemplating the move overseas. When we asked athletes what motivated them most to go abroad and play professionally, the number one answer was the search for new challenges (78%), closely followed…

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