How professional women’s soccer in Sweden compares to America

Can Women’s Pro Soccer Work In America? An Investigation, In Sweden
European soccer world is by no means ideal, but according to Alison McCann, a former WPS player, the stability of Sweden women’s soccer is evident through the success of Swedish powerhouse Tyresö. Tyresö is currently one of the best women’s soccer clubs in the world and one of the 12 teams in Damallsvenskan, Sweden’s top women’s league. And with 5 Americans on the team those players have chosen to slide by professional soccer in the U.S. and make their careers in Sweden for a successful club.

The women of the Damallsvenskan are thriving. And a little part of that, a small reason, might be the fact that in Sweden they don’t have to worry about how to sell more tickets or carve out more time for appearances. They don’t have to worry if they’ll have jobs come next season. The Damallsvenskan will still be there.




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  1. Tyresö will soon lose Press, Engen and Klingenberg to the NWSL and a few weeks later Marta and Caroline Seger and Vero Boquete plus goalie Carola Söberg since they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

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