Month: March 2014

Global Image Sports connects American soccer players with the world

Global Image Sports helps bring American soccer players to the world.

Global Image Sports helps bring American soccer players to the world.

Although soccer is the world’s most popular sport it often takes the back seat to football, baseball, and basketball in America. It’s popularity is rising, however, as more youth players getting involved in the game, playing beyond high school and club level, and making that commitment to play in college. With this higher level of competition rising in the States, more youth players are looking to see what it is like to have a true “football” experience outside of the United States. According to an article published on, international travel for individual players and club teams has been growing over the past few years and in correlation with that growth are companies dedicated to helping make those connections for players abroad.

Global Image Sports (GIS), a leader in developing partnerships between top European professional clubs and youth clubs in North America. The article stated that GIS has developed strategic partnership agreements with several professional clubs in the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands and the United States, which are all top tier nation’s on the pitch.

“GIS can not only help arrange a trial for a player but we can also arrange for college players to train with professional clubs in Europe during summer break,” said GIS Partnership Development Manager Katya Gokhman. “We arrange living accommodations and everything else that is needed so that players arrive ready to go and taken care of.”

As more and more interest rises from collegiate players looking to take the next step to the professional level, the option to travel overseas to experience soccer internationally is becoming more popular. And with that growth there is a need for companies such as GIS to make those connections and manifest and maintain relationships between U.S. players and professional European clubs in order to keep the option of playing abroad open.